Chrono Crusade Wiki
Name in Japanese ヴィド
Rōmaji Translation Vido
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Masafumi Kimura
Voice Actor (English) George Manley
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Sinners
Status Deceased

Viede (ヴィド Vido?) is a Demon, one of the Sinners that betrayed Pandaemonium and one of the six members of Aion's team. A massive hulk, Viede is normally paired off with Genai on missions and as defense.


His quiet and thoughtful manner is in stark contrast to Genai's outbursts and irrational behavior. He's extremely loyal to Aion who he calls his king, but often serves as a voice of reason to the other Sinners. He doesn't seem to keep a strong resentment towards Chrono for leaving them.

He likes to read and play chess, and is very quiet and introverted. He is mostly a peaceful person who hates unnecessary fights, yet he can be a very strong opponent. This is contrary to his anime version, who is mostly a mindless killing machine.

In the manga he dies defending Eden against the Order and Pandaemonium's Pursuers. In the anime he is the second Sinner to be killed along with his enemy Carv.