Chrono Crusade Wiki
Name in Japanese シェーダ
Rōmaji Translation Shēda
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yuko Sasamoto
Voice Actor (English) Kira Vincent-Davis
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation/s Sinners
Status Deceased (Anime)

Active (Manga)

Shader (シェーダ Shēda?) is a female Demon, one of the Sinners that betrayed Pandaemonium, and one of the six members of Aion's team. She is a very capable scientist, and she was the one who created the pocketwatch that seals Chrono's powers and the devices that help Aion and the other Sinners absorb astral energy. She loves kids and is a very cheerful and caring person, but despite this, she is very loyal to Aion. Though she doesn't like the methods he uses to reach his goals, she sincerely believes in Aion's dream and obeys him nevertheless. She was a good friend of Magdalene and has a soft spot for Chrono. She doesn't like to see him suffer, however, her strong loyalty towards Aion does not allow her to help him. In the anime, however, she has quite a sadistic streak.


As the only scientist of the Sinners, her main role throughout the series was to transfer the Apostles' astral energy into the astral streamline to achieve Aion's "new world" as they overthrew Pandaemonium. Her secondary job was also to keep Pandaemonium's head sealed so no other demons could steal it from Aion.

She rarely fights and prefers to stay on the sidelines — as she says, she "fights with my brain, not with my fists!". She's the fourth to be killed by Remington. In the manga she survives the events of the main story and continues to live in modern America.

In the manga she is introduced as the only Sinner to experience all of the sins: Lust for Aion, Pride over her work, Gluttony over food, Sloth over her work (as Aion points out its taken her years to decode the Apostle's genes to the Astral Line), Wrath over the falling of her comrades, Envy over the closeness of Fiore and Joshua and Greed over any currency exchanged between the Sinners.

The Sin she most strongly associates to is also Envy, as Pride is to Aion and Lust is to Rizelle.