Name in Japanese リゼール
Rōmaji Translation Rizēru
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yōko Sōmi
Voice Actor (English) Christine Auten
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation/s Sinners
Status Deceased

Rizelle (リゼール Rizēru?) is a female Demon, one of the Sinners that betrayed Pandaemonium, and one of the six members of Aion's team and the first one to be killed in both manga and anime.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She is a Spider-like Demon known as the "Puppetmaster", who can cast a spell that paralyzes its victims sending out miniature spiders who latch onto the necks of her victims allowing her to control them like marionettes.

Although she can fight when cornered, she prefers to manipulate humans like puppets and use them to do her dirty work. She is fiercely loyal to Aion, and will do anything in her hands to please him, even sacrificing herself. She has also been known to show affection towards Aion. She despises humans (especially Joshua) and laments that Chrono left them for the pain he caused Aion with his desertion.

Her waist was slashed by Pandemonium's claws, killing off the Legion that reside there. As a result, she forever lost the lower half of her body which is now replaced by metal, spider-like legs that make her lower body resemble a giant spider.

Her death in the anime is slightly different to the one in the manga. In the anime, she vanished when she fell off the train screaming all the way. In the manga, the upper half of her body is shown floating away in the stream beneath the bridge. Chrono contacts her through one of her spiders and she laments if only he never left. She mocks Rosette one last time before she quietly dies drifting away.