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NatsukoTakahashi 2
Natsuko Takahashi 2

Natsuko Takahashi (高橋 ナツコ?) is a Japanese writer that has done work for the Gonzo works and the anime series Chrono Crusade[1].


Until Episode 12, the anime closely follows the original manga, but when Rosette and Chrono's nemesis Aion shows up in Episode 13, the anime takes off in a different direction. Aion is depicted as more cunning and vicious than in the original manga, leaving us no room to sympathize with his view-point. We also tried to focus a lot more on some of the key elements like the nuns and their religious faith. Because the show aired in a late-night timeslot, we were able to push some of the boundaries. Our was to surprise fans--in a positive way--by going just a little overboard.





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