Mary Magdalene
Name in Japanese マグダレーナ
Rōmaji Translation Magudarēna
Debut (Anime) Episode 21
Debut (Manga) Chapter 36
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Tomoko Kawakami
Voice Actor (English) Hilary Haag
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 18 - 20
Height 164 cm
Weight 49 kg
Status Deceased

Mary of Magdalene (マグダレーナ Magudarēna?) was the foreseeing Holy Maiden who the Order of Magdalene enclosed and was named after.


Magdalene likes sewing, reading, and writing. She spent most of her life inside the Order of Magdalene which explains her willingness to be taken outside by Chrono. Nevertheless she is a conformist towards the future she predicts and believes no matter what she does she can't change it.  

She's highly intelligent and is able to understand the advanced technology that the Demons use and even helps Shader get ahead in her work. She also likes to occupy herself with domestic chores and helping others.

Magdalene's powers include future sighting, perception of movement in an area of ten miles and fast learning. Her powers do drain her health a lot if she abuses them.

Despite the cruelty she witnessed in war as a child she has a very positive and peaceful outlook of life and loves to observe people going on with their daily lifes.


Her out-of-ordinary abilities drew attention from the Sinners which prompted Chrono to kidnap her to help Aion locate the lost Pandemonium's head and execute his plans. Soon her quick learning capabilities and kind, easy-going personality made her fast friends with all the Sinners especially Chrono. Unfortunately, due to Pandemonium's possession, Aion had to chase and kill her despite Chrono's pleas to find a better alternative.

In the animeEdit

In the anime the plot differs; she's kidnapped by Chrono for Aion to use in a rite to sacrifice her to the Astral Line in order to start chaos and disorder with Pandemonium or possibly to use her as a replacement for Aion's horns. But because she predicted the Sinners' goal would fail Aion out of wrath orders Chrono to kill her. She dies sacrificing herself to heal Chrono.


  • Mary of Magdalene has the same voice actresses as Rosette. it is also implied that Rosette is Mary's reicnarnation.