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Joshua Christopher
Joshua Christopher
Name in Japanese ヨシュア·クリストファ
Rōmaji Translation Yoshua Kurisutofa
Debut (Anime) Episode 02
Debut (Manga) Chapter 09
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Junko Minagawa / Sōichirō Hoshi (Marine Entertainment Drama CDs)
Voice Actor (English) Chris Patton
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 15 (Anime)
22 (Manga)
Birthday 1909 (1913 in the anime)
Place of Origin United States
Relatives Rosette Christopher (older sister, deceased)
Azmaria Hendric (wife, in the manga; deceased)
Unnamed grandson (in the manga)
Status Active (Anime)
Deceased (Manga)

Joshua Christopher is Rosette's younger brother and is also the Apostle of Hope in the anime, he holds allegiance to Aion's Sinners. In the manga he is is one of the 7 Apostles, and the first to be found by Aion.


The supernatural powers he had made him a very weak child, and he was constantly sick. Tired of being protected by his sister and wanting to be healthy so she didn't have to worry about him, he wanted to be strong enough to take care of her and be her support instead of the other way around. He accepted Aion's offer of becoming stronger and put Chrono's horns on his head. He was tricked into taking Chrono's horns and following Aion because he didn't want Rosette to have to take care of him all the time. The overwhelming power of the horns made him lose his sanity almost immediately, with the use of Chrono's devil horns he is able to freeze people's time. He constantly thinks about his dear sister Rosette, almost to the point of being obsessed. He can be very dangerous sometimes, so he is guarded by Fiore, who he sometimes confuses with his sister, though his feelings for her seem to go beyond that. He used to be a very noble boy with whose biggest dream was to become an explorer, but now he barely remembers his past, except for his sister.


Joshua likes exploring and dislikes vegetables.