Chrono Crusade Wiki
Name in Japanese ジェナイ
Rōmaji Translation Jenai
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kouichi Toochika
Voice Actor (English) Jay Hickman
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Sinners
Status Deceased

Genai (ジェナイ Jenai?) is a Demon, one of the Sinners that betrayed Pandaemonium, and one of the six members of Aion's team. He styles himself as some sort of cowboy and wears a mask that covers his eyes which hide eyes sewn shut.

He displayed fondness to Rizelle and was greatly angered at her death to the point that he challenged Aion with his decision to not avenge Rizelle after learning that she had been killed.

During a fight with Pandaemonium his eyes were cut out, leaving him permanently blind, though this does not seem to affect him in the least. Also during the fight he lost an arm to Pandaemonium's claws that later was replaced with a sword-arm by Shader.

In the manga he slowly dies after the battle on Eden against the Pursuers and the Order. As he dies, he reaches his arm towards the sky saying how beautiful the sky is and whether Rizelle could see them too. In the anime he is the third Sinner to be killed by Duke Duffau.