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Fiore anime
Name in Japanese フィオレ
Rōmaji Translation Fiore
Debut (Anime) Ep2
Debut (Manga) Chap4
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Natsuko Kuwatani / Yui Horie (Marine Entertainment Drama CDs)
Voice Actor (English) Monica Rial
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 24-25
Place of Origin Germany
Relatives Satella Harvenheit (younger sister)
Affiliation/s Sinners
Status Deceased (Anime)

Active (Manga)

Fiore (フィオレ Fiore?), real name Florette Harvenheit (フロレット·ハーベンハイト Furoretto Hābenhaito?), is a very powerful Jewel Summoner who is Joshua's caretaker/maid, whom he refers to as "older sister". When she was younger she was taken by Aion, who erased her memory. Aion replaced her memories of Satella with memories of Joshua, which in turns makes her think that Joshua is her brother. She is completely devoted to Aion and Joshua, vowing to always protect Joshua no matter what. Later when she encountered her sister Satella she had no idea who she was. However, in the manga, she retained her memories and insisted that her existence as "Florette" ceased the day she died. In the anime, during the battle with Satella, Fiore mentions that she is little more than a doll, and that she belongs to "Lord Joshua and Lord Aion". Also, when Satella calls her Florette, Fiore becomes enraged for some reason.


Fiore is a phlegmatic and brooding person who likes cooking.