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Ewan Remington
Ewan Remington (VGA)
Name in Japanese ユアン・レミントン
Rōmaji Translation Yuan Reminton
Debut (Manga) Chapter 2
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Sho Hayami / Toshihiko Seki (Marine Entertainment Drama CDs)
Voice Actor (English) Jason Douglas
Personal Info
Gender Male
Height 183 cm
Weight 68 kg
Place of Origin United States
Affiliation/s Order of Magdalene
Status Active

Ewan Remington (ユアン・レミントン Yuan Reminton?) is the minister of the Order of Magdalene. He also serves as a field agent and second in command to Sister Kate. In the Anime, towards the end he leaves the Order. He is seen quite a while later, looking about the same age but unshaven, when the third Prophecy of Fatima happens, just before, seeing someone who appears similar, if not the same, to Aion. This means that he is most likely immortal, and doesn't age (further supported by the fact that during a flashback to when Chrono kidnapped Mary Magdalene, Father Remington attempts to stop him and appears exactly the same as he does in the rest of the series).

Powers and Abilities[]

He is a very powerful fighter, but he is very mysterious and hides many secrets. He seems to have been in love with Magdalene, and still remembers her fondly. He is determined to keep fighting his enemies until the day he dies, no matter what the consequences to himself are.

He also has the apparent ability to warp, moving from the Order of Magdalene New York HQ to a carnival in San Francisco instantly without anyone's notice. Immediately afterward, during the phone conversation with Sister Kate, he states that he is an angel (in the anime, he doesn't outright say that he's an angel, only that he is "not unlike an angel"). He later states "I am a sinner", after he severs ties with God, declaring "I have no regrets about my torn wings". In the manga, it is revealed that he had initial history with Chrono as he was the boy who failed to save Mary Magdalene from being kidnapped by Chrono.

It is also revealed in the manga that he suffered an injury that would have ended his duty in the order and volunteered to be infused with Legion (a devil's equivalent to cells) in order to continue his work. After the events of the story, he retires but continues his duty as a father of Christianity. This was never mentioned in the anime.