Duke Duffau
Name in Japanese 公爵デュフォー
Rōmaji Translation Kōshaku Dyufō
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Norio Wakamoto
Voice Actor (English) Rob Mungle
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Pursuers
Status Deceased

Duke Duffau (公爵デュフォー Kōshaku Dyufō?) is the leader of his own army. He allied with the Order of Magdalene to fight against the Sinners and managed to eliminate Genai. He led his troops on an attack on Aion but was slain along with the rest. In the anime he is slain by Rosette's holy blood. He has a high rank in Pandaemonium but is less powerful that Aion and Chrono. His Horns are large and akin to scythes in shape. This shows that his power resides in combat and he has a lower defence status than say Viede. He is the eternal soul mate of Margret (deceased prior to manga and anime), and after her passing he became cold and a vicious warrior at best. The highest ranking Pursuer, most of the others were weak yet had their strength in numbers.