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Chrono Crusade Episode 18
Four People
Name in Japanese 四人
Rōmaji Translation Yo Nin
Release Date March 29, 2004
Production Staff
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"Photograph" (Four People) (四人 Yo Nin?) is the eighteenth episode of the 2003 anime series Chrono Crusade. The episode was first aired on March 29, 2004 in Japan, and June 17, 2006 in America.


Reverend Guilliam reports to Sister Kate the aftermath of the war against the Sinners, in that the Militia had suffered many casualties. Duffau reminds Chrono how he revolted against the Devils long ago. Azmaria, concerned for her friends, invites all of them to a local carnival to ease their minds. Meanwhile, Aion makes his preparations for attending the carnival as well. At a square dance hall, Rosette forces Chrono to dance with her after seeing Satella gracefully dance with a gentleman. Later on, Satella regains the powers of her Jewel Summoning bracelet as it begins to glow, after she and Azmaria talk about meeting someone who they would trust. Rosette and Chrono, lost in a large crowd, encounter a romantic moment when they reach the peak and view the night sky. Chrono reveals that he will cease to exist when Rosette would ultimately die, but he then says that he will do anything in his powers to prevent that from happening. During a fireworks displays, Rosette catches a glimpse of Aion's eagle form. She follows it, only to run into Joshua.







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