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Chrono Crusade Episode 17
Name in Japanese 共犯者たち
Rōmaji Translation Kyōhansha-tachi
Release Date March 22, 2004
Production Staff
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Accomplices (共犯者たち Kyōhansha-tachi?) is the seventeenth episode of the 2003 anime series Chrono Crusade. The episode was first aired on March 22, 2004 in Japan, and June 09, 2006 in America.


Steiner recalls that a teacup was the only possession that survived after Aion previously destroyed the Harvenheit family mansion. Satella is unable to regain her power as a Jewel Summoner. Furthermore, Rosette begins to bleed from her forehead and wrists caused by the developing marks on her body. Chrono explains that the marks are Stigmata that symbolize the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Militia and the Pursuers are planning to attack the Sinners at noon on the outskirts of San Francisco. Rosette and Chrono leave Azmaria and Satella to assist the Militia and the Pursuers. Duffau, Carv, and Gurio combine their strengths to fight against Viede and Genai. However, the Pursuers become gradually overwhelmed by the Sinners. Even though Duffau gives Chrono a sword to wield, Chrono fails to land a hit on either of the Sinners. When the Militia establishes a barrier in the surrounding area, Rosette fires a Gospel at Viede, however he is still able to attack. Carv soon restrains Viede, which allows the Gospel to absorb both of them. Genai retreats to Aion, mourning the death of Viede. Aion later goes to see Joshua, telling him that he will see his sister once more.







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