Chrono Crusade Episode 15
The Pursuers
Name in Japanese 追手
Rōmaji Translation Otte
Release Date March 08, 2004
Production Staff
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"The Pursuers" (Pursuer) (追手 Otte?) is the fifteenth episode of the 2003 anime series Chrono Crusade. The episode was first aired on March 08, 2004 in Japan, and May 26, 2006 in America.


Duke Duffau, the duke of Pandemonium, enters the villa to seek allegiance with Rosette, Chrono, Azmaria and Satella to help fight against Aion. Sister Kate and Father Remington argue for the approval of the Council of the Catholic Church for the alliance, mentioning how Chrono helped save the Order of Magdalene many times. Rosette has to decide whether to accept or decline associating with the Pursuers. Chrono tells Satella that Aion wanted to establish a world in which desire is considered sinless. The Pursuers declared war against the Sinners thereafter. Elder Hamilton shows Rosette an updated version of the Gospel with innovative features. While Rosette, Chrono, and Azmaria meet up with Duffau, Reverend Jack Guilliam, who is from the West Coast branch of the Order of Magdalene, comes to aid the three in the upcoming battle. Elsewhere, Aion and Fiore enter a laboratory where Shader explains that the forgiveness for the fallen angels will occur once the head of Pandemonium, six of the Apostles, and the seven virtues are reassembled. Fiore protects Joshua from an enraged Genai, who is distraught that Joshua was at fault for Rizelle's death. Duffau calls Rosette the reincarnation of Mary of Magdalene, having the power of an Apostle, noting that she will have marks engraved in her body. Back at the villa, the marks start to appear on her body when she takes a bath.