Chrono Crusade Episode 14
Name in Japanese 祈り
Rōmaji Translation Inori
Release Date March 01, 2004
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"Invocation" (Prayer) (祈り Inori?) is the fourteenth episode of the 2003 anime series Chrono Crusade. The episode was first aired on March 01, 2004 in Japan, and May 19, 2006 in America.


Satella finds Rosette, Chrono, and Azmaria in a desert, offering them a ride in her limousine to her villa. Chrono comes down with a fever on the way there. While Chrono rests in the villa, Rosette and Satella drive all over town to find a pharmacy that supplies medicine strong enough to reduce Chrono's fever. The two go to a fortune teller in hopes to find an alternative way to help Chrono. After picking up over-the-counter medicine, Rosette also comes down with a fever. Azmaria prepares dinner for Rosette and Chrono, who both are pleased with her cooking. Azmaria explains to Satella that Rosette and Chrono worry for each other. Steiner, Satella's butler, notices a change in her attitude, one of affection toward the others. Later at night, Rosette kisses Chrono as a cure for his illness while he has fallen asleep, as the result is shown to be effective.