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Chrono Crusade Episode 11
Gabriel Hound
Name in Japanese けだもの
Rōmaji Translation Kedamono
Release Date February 09, 2004
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"Gabriel Hound" (Beast) (けだもの Kedamono?) is the eleventh episode of the 2003 anime series Chrono Crusade. The episode was first aired on February 09, 2004 in Japan, and April 28, 2006 in America.


A hellhound is running amok devouring several mafia clans. Rosette and Chrono chase after the hellhound, while it attacks yet another mafia clan. Satella shows up to fend it off, much to Rosette's chagrin. Sister Kate and Father Remington informs the militia that the hellhound was summoned by a woman who used black magic in order to seek vengeance against the mafia who killed her fiancé. It is also noted that the hellhound becomes more corporeal after each mafia clan is devoured. It is seen that Satella is hired by a mafia clan as a bodyguard. Elder Hamilton, who introduces his new motorcycle creation deemed the "Gabriel Hound", tells Rosette and Chrono that the same mafia clan is being attack by the hellhound in a subway tunnel. When they arrive, they save Satella from the hellhound. It is shown that while Rosette is selfless in manner, Satella seems selfish in attitude when they talk about sacrificing the life of one for another. The two girls ride on the Gabriel Hound and catch up to the hellhound. Rosette uses a Gospel to obliterate the hellhound.







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