Chrono Crusade Episode 04
Name in Japanese 罪人
Rōmaji Translation Tsumibito
Release Date December 16, 2003
Production Staff
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"Sinners" (Sinner) (罪人 Tsumibito?) is the fourth episode of the 2003 anime series Chrono Crusade. The episode was first aired on December 16, 2003 in Japan, and March 10, 2006 in America.


Father Remington arrives at the lake to aid Rosette and Chrono back to health. Meanwhile, Azmaria is taken to Ricardo's blimp, where she discovers that Ricardo's cadaverous body was restored through Lerajie's powers temporarily. The two force her to emit turquoise "Astral Lines", draining her life into Ricardo. Rosette convinces Chrono to transform and summon his Demonic powers through the release of the seal of the soul timepiece. Lerajie undoubtedly steals the Astral energy from Ricardo, thus ending his life. Rosette and Chrono find the blimp by following the trail of Astral Lines. Chrono engages in a fierce battle against Lerajie, while Rosette goes in and rescues Azmaria. Rosette and Chrono later team up and defeat Lerajie, which causes the blimp to explode. Rosette, Chrono, and Azmaria skydive to the ground unharmed. Though Azmaria realizes the absence of her powers, Rosette invites her to stay at the convent.






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