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The Apostles (地上代行者(アポスルズ) Chijō Daikō-sha (Aposuruzu)?, lit. Agents above the Earth) are the seven children that have special powers that have been taken from the Astral Line. The only two known members are Azmaria and Joshua; the other five are unnamed. They have different ethnic backgrounds, and they seem to be from different countries as well. They were kidnapped by Aion's followers, and were forced by him to call the Astral Lines at the Oratorio (a room inside Eden, the Sinner's fortress), but they were rescued by Chrono and Rosette. They are very wise, but the many hardships they've endured have made them a little wary of the future.

The Apostles are able to call the Astral Line and use its powers, mostly for healing purposes, and each one represents a virtue. The Apostles can fly using their luminous white wings, which appear on their back whenever they need them. Their supernatural powers, however, have a very high cost for them, although bestowed with immense power, they are also conflicted with a curse different to each other and they are the reason they are targeted by ambitious people desiring to use the power of the Astral Line for their own wishes.

The only known curses are the curse of misfortune of Azmaria and the curse of ill health and suffering of Joshua, the curses of the other Apostles are unknown.

In the Anime each Apostle represents a virtue, the only known are that of Joshua and Azmaria, hope and charity respectively.

In the anime, after calling forth the Astral Line and no longer being of use all but Azmaria and Joshua are killed. However, in the manga, after the battle at Pandemonium their powers are lost and they all return to being normal children.