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Aion (VGA).jpg
Name in Japanese アイオーン
Rōmaji Translation Aiōn
Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel, Drama CDs
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kazuhiko Inoue / Seiji Sasaski (Marine Entertainment Drama CDs)
Voice Actor (English) Andy McAvin
Personal Info
Gender Male
Relatives Lilith/Pandaemonium (mother)
Chrono (twin brother)
Affiliation/s Sinner
Status Deceased (manga)
Alive (anime)

Aion (アイオーン Aiōn?) was the main antagonist of Chrono Crusade. He was the leader of the Sinners and a Demon. He was also Chrono's twin brother. He was after all of the Apostles, including Azmaria, for reasons that are unknown until Chrono reveals them. In the Manga, his goal was to rebuild the world out of the "system" that binds everyone to their respective roles. His goal arose during the time of his tuning. The Elders wished to destroy him and his entire generation when he was ranked second to Pandaemonium and gifted power and knowledge beyond what the Elders could ever have. Aion, driven mad by the knowledge and the slaughter of his generation, started a revolution with Chrono, Shader, Rizelle, Genai and Viede by his side, supporting his ideals of freedom. Their group was called the Sinners. They slaughtered the Elders and all the demons who opposed them till they were the only ones left.

Aion is an ambitious, powerful Demon. To follow his dream of freedom, he betrayed Pandemonium, the vessel where demon society dwelled. He was tired of Pandemonium's oppressive system, so he killed the Demon queen, mother of all Demons, and being a natural, charismatic leader. He escaped to Earth with the other Sinners. Aion trusted Chrono, and depended a great deal on his abilities as a fighter, but Chrono did not agree with some of Aion's ideas and soon left his side to be with Mary Magdalene. Chrono's betrayal deeply hurt Aion, and though he seems to enjoy making him suffer, he is still ready to accept him as an ally if he ever decides to join his cause again.

In the anime, he is even more sadistic, killing his own worshipper and almost raping Satella when he tells her the truth about what happened to her sister, Florette (Fiore). In truth, he kidnapped Florette, wiped her memories and made her, now Fiore, act as Joshua's surrogate sister/maid. In the manga, Aion is last seen fighting Chrono on Pandaemonium. It is currently not known whether he is truly deceased or not.


Aion is described as a radical idealist. He is very charismatic, and very ominous. Aion feels a deep hatred and compassion for his brother, and his cause. Trying to bring Chrono to his side by capturing Rosette, a lot of his plans were simply devious.

In the manga Aion cares deeply for his brother and believes that what he does is the best for his brother. This makes him blind to anything else that opposes his believes.


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Atsuhiro Tomioka, a screenwriter of Chrono Crusade Anime in Newtype Magazine.

Powers and Abilities

  • Telekinesis: Aion is capable of manipulating matter. He uses telekinesis to push and send Chrono flying.
  • Materiokinesis:
  • Chronokinesis:
  • Teleportation:
  • Gravikinesis:
  • Strategy:
  • Reflexes:
  • Flight:
  • Levitation:
  • Charisma:
  • Intelligence:
  • Durability:
  • Strength:
  • Speed:
  • Fighting Skills:
  • Master Manipulator:
  • Fallen Angel Lord Physiology:
  • Fallen Transcendent Angel Physiology:
  • Satanic Incarnation:
  • Telepathy:
  • Invisibility:
  • Swordsmanship:
  • Supernatural Regeneration:
  • Nigh-Omniscience:
  • Nigh-Omnipotence:
  • Immortality:
  • Invulnerability:

Music Themes


Aion no Yabou - Chrono Crusade Gospel II Original Soundtrack


Possible Name Origin

  • Greek αἰών "time, eternity; age"; see Aeon.